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Idea Generation and Implementation

Apologies to readers that are interested in the blog that it has been so long since I took any time to write about anything.  I don’t have any good excuses for the break I simply haven’t felt like doing a post … Continue reading

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Applying Lessons From a Navy Seal To Trading

I recently listened to a Tim Ferriss podcast where he interviews Navy Seal Jocko Willink.  I’ve listened to this interview in its entirety five times and I plan to listen to it several more times.  To say that it has impacted … Continue reading

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What Books Should I Read?

This post’s title is probably the most common question I’ve gotten on Twitter.  Let me start by reminding readers about something that I believe and have talked about here and here and here and here and dozens of other places: Trading is not an … Continue reading

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Context Anyone?

Am I being aggressive….feeling chippy?  Not really, so why did say this?  Let me do some explaining. Readers know I am a short-term trader as are most of the people I follow on the Twitter.  What I am about to write about … Continue reading

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Intraday Trading Example

Big snowstorm and I’m stuck inside….haven’t done a blog post in a while so this is as good a time as any. This post is designed to show an example from recent session on how I’m using real-time context from the … Continue reading

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Morning Grain Observations 8/17/15

Good morning.  Its been quite a while since I have put anything out on the blog so I thought today would be a good day to write out the morning hypos for the grains.  Before I do that a couple … Continue reading

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