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Beware The Confirmation Bias

Usually within the first month or two of our attempts to tackle trading or investing we are introduced to the concept of confirmation bias and the dangers it presents for anyone taking on such endeavors.  This weekend has provided me an opportunity to … Continue reading

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Idea Generation and Implementation

Apologies to readers that are interested in the blog that it has been so long since I took any time to write about anything.  I don’t have any good excuses for the break I simply haven’t felt like doing a post … Continue reading

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Morning Grain Observations 8/17/15

Good morning.  Its been quite a while since I have put anything out on the blog so I thought today would be a good day to write out the morning hypos for the grains.  Before I do that a couple … Continue reading

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Morning Observations 1/28/15

Good Morning Traders. Here are some of the things I’ll be watching for in today’s session Grains Wheat is trading down 4 at time of writing on average o/n volume in a 5 4/8 range.  The o/n high is 520 … Continue reading

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Evening Observations 10/27/14

Here are some highlights from tonight’s homework session along with some notes taken during the Sunday evening homework session.   As always shorter time frame charts will be reviewed early tomorrow morning in order to assess the overnight sessions.  If I … Continue reading

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Evening Observations 10/5/14

Sharing 3 sets of notes from tonight’s homework.  Other markets that are candidates for trading tomorrow include:  Nikkei 225, Crude Oil,  Soybeans, and Wheat. Ten Year Notes In my last observations post I showed a snapshot of the weekly chart shown above … Continue reading

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Evening Observations 9/2/2014

An example of notes on Corn from tonight’s homework session.  Corn will be a candidate for trading tomorrow and likely the remainder of the week. Corn If you follow my Twitter stream you may have already seen the Daily December Corn … Continue reading

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