I am a full-time futures trader.  I have been actively involved in trading and market analysis since 2002.  I am a discretionary trader and I use technical analysis to define my edge in markets.  Most of my trading is short term focused (intraday) though I will also have trades that are held for 2-3 days and up to 1-2 weeks.  I primarily utilize a systematic approach to price analysis along with detailed analysis of the auction process and volume profiling.  Though I do not use them to define trades I also monitor seasonals, COT positioning, RSI, and sentiment.  I utilize one subscription service currently from sentimentrader.com.  I currently operate in the following markets:  10 year notes (TY), Crude Oil (CL), Gold (GC), Copper (HG), Wheat (W), Soybeans (S), and Corn (C).

I can be followed on Twitter under the handle @FatF1nger.

The general purpose of this site is to offer a look at how I’m approaching markets using the tools mentioned above.  Over time I hope that other serious traders will find interest in this online journal and will contribute and/or comment on the opinions I have expressed here.  I may also express views on other topics from time to time such as trading strategies, managed futures, and trading psychology.

Like all traders I have a number of beliefs that I approach markets with.  Here are some of those beliefs in no particular order:

  • Trading is not an intellectual pursuit it is a performance endeavor.  Making money consistently from trading is not primarily a function of analysis.
  • I believe most traders are operating and executing based entirely on their forecasts as opposed to real-time market context.  I do not believe you need to know what the market is going to do next in order to make money consistently over time.
  • I believe that losing is part of trading and therefore my trading rules do not include the famed command “do not lose money”.  Losses teach a diligent trader a great deal about themselves as well as their trading system.  They can often provide extremely valuable information.
  • I believe in consistent journaling.  I do not believe that the focus of a trading journal should be solely on P & L, though it is an important component.  While I monitor P&L within my journal it primarily focuses on execution strategies, campaign descriptions and timelines, and regular goal setting and tracking.
  • I believe that having various trading systems to operate under different market conditions is essential.
  • I believe that all decisions about risk involve emotions for the non-automated trader.
  • I believe consistent traders approach trading like a business and keep detailed records just like any successful business does.
  • I believe that the outcome of my very next trade is always random.
  • I believe there are countless ways to make money trading in markets.  I do not believe that my way is the “right way”.  It is nothing more than my personal approach.
  • I believe that markets are constantly evolving.  In order to survive we must adapt to this evolution.

I hope you enjoy the blog.  If you are interested in my process you read about that here.



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  3. Anonymous says:

    could you follow me on twitter? @agmkts1 I may have some usda stuff

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