I am a full-time futures trader.  I have been actively involved in trading and market analysis since 2002.  I trade both intraday and swing positions in outrights and spreads in Corn, Wheat, and Soybeans.  I primarily utilize a systematic approach to price and volume analysis, auction theory, and statistics to develop my entry and exit strategy and tactics.  As secondary inputs I also monitor seasonals, COT positioning, sentiment, and general community views on fundamentals.  I utilize one subscription service currently from sentimentrader.com.

I can be followed on Twitter under the handle @FatF1nger.

The general purpose of this site is to discuss various aspects of trading and sometimes more specific posts on the tools mentioned above.  I may also express views on other topics from time to time such as trading strategies and tactics, managed futures, and trading psychology.

I hope you enjoy the blog.



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  3. Anonymous says:

    could you follow me on twitter? @agmkts1 I may have some usda stuff

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