Grains RTH

I’ve gotten an awful lot of questions in the last two weeks about commentary made specifically about “RTH” in the grains space.  RTH = Regular Trading Hours or what used to be, and still is in some circles, referred to as the “pit session”.   The RTH in grains currently takes place from 9:30 am eastern until 2:20 pm eastern.  The former official closing time was 2:15 until recently but any observer of this market has likely noticed that for the most part the action between 2:15 and 2:20 is more like the globex trade.

As all of us that trade in this space know the vast majority of the trading volume happens during the RTH so I think it is important for complete homework/prep to view in isolation what is taking place at this time rather than only using globex/24 hour charts.

Since it appears that quite a few people on the stream are not viewing the charts in this manner I’m going to throw up a 60 minute chart for each market with the RTH only given that we have a report coming up Friday.  Perhaps these can be of use to someone.  Note that the last bar in each “day” is not a full 60 minute bar given the 2:20 close time. There are only two annotations you’ll see on the charts.  First you will see 3 moving averages 50 (blue) 100 (purple) 200 period (yellow).  Second, all gaps that have not been closed (and are in view of the chart snap taken) are marked with horizontal lines and the price level of those gaps should be visible on the right.

Good luck on Friday


bean rth Corn rth wheat rth


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