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Hedge Funds/Alts, Fees, and CalPERS

About two weeks ago CalPERS, the $300 billion pension fund, announced that over the next year it would remove all $4 billion of their assets currently invested in hedge funds.  Some have gone so far as to call this an … Continue reading

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Evening Observations 9/23/2014

Here is another example from tonight’s homework session.  To learn more about my weekly trading and homework routine read this post. 10 Year Notes Weekly time frame exhibits signs of reversal at recent lows (weekly notes are normally taken on Sunday’s only) which took place at the … Continue reading

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Introductory RSI Post

If you have been following my Twitter account you probably know by now that I’m not big user of indicators.  I prefer instead to focus primarily on price and volume rather than derivatives of price and volume.  That said, there … Continue reading

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Various Market Musings

Tonight’s post is an attempt to put thoughts on a few different topics in writing so that I can avoid conversations on Twitter like the one I found myself in this afternoon.  Twitter is fantastic on any number of levels … Continue reading

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Evening Observations 9/2/2014

An example of notes on Corn from tonight’s homework session.  Corn will be a candidate for trading tomorrow and likely the remainder of the week. Corn If you follow my Twitter stream you may have already seen the Daily December Corn … Continue reading

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